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allergy today issue 135 (summer 2010/11)
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allergy today issue 135 (summer 2010/11)


Vitamin D: a new piece of the food allergy puzzle?

First it was the hygiene hypothesis — by ridding ourselves of parasites and viruses, our immune system has been searching for something else to
attack. Then it was our Westernised feeding practices — by avoiding highly allergenic foods, could we actually be contributing to the epidemic? Now researchers suggest a link between lack of sunlight exposure and allergy.

Eczema: itʼs no small itch

Eczema is the most common specific skin disorder encountered, and the second most skin disorder seen in a dermatologist office. Yet it is very poorly managed and often dismissed. Eczema nurse specialists go back to basics and answer the questions.

Cleaning your home

Cleaning isn’t so straightforward when you have allergies. Whether you are allergic to dust mites, or particular cleaners set off your asthma or eczema, we have some practical tips.

Allergic to contraception?

Allergies and contraception. What on earth can two such unrelated health areas have to do with each other?

A gluten and allergy-free foodiesʼ guide to the festive season

Summer means barbeques, picnics and parties, which can seem like a nightmare if you suffer from coeliac disease or food allergies. Allergy Today has practical tips to help guide you through this festive time, so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Vitamin D gets a slip, slop and slap

With vitamin D deficiency under the microscope, there have been reports of people abandoning their sunscreen and heading out for the midday sun. Australian experts say this is a dangerous practice and explain how sunscreen works and clarify its link with vitamin D deficiency.

On the nose

It’s a common misconception that hay fever is only a bother in spring. In New Zealand, the tree and grass pollen season can stretch from late winter through to autumn. And many sufferers also have hay fever triggered by indoor allergens, making this a year-round problem. The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy explains.

Food allergies and disordered eating among children and adolescents

From the moment your child is diagnosed with food allergies, a million questions flood your mind. Will they outgrow this? How will it change their lives? How do you instil the appropriate amount of caution and not causes excessive fear? Dr Brett Greenberger and Emily Greenberger answer these important questions.

Coeliac no hurdle for Black Stick

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease may be a setback for some but for hockey star Anna Thorpe, it has transformed her life.


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