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corporate membership

The support of companies such as yours is invaluable and by becoming a member of Allergy New Zealand, we would list you on our website and in our quarterly magazine.

There is credibility and professionalism to becoming a member.

Your membership not only enables us to help allergy sufferers live a healthy and active life, but you also benefit.

As a corporate member, you will benefit from the following:

1. e-newsletters examining the latest issues surrounding allergy relevant to your industry.
2. Invitation to our National Conference Programme, which is designed exclusively for our corporate members.
3. Login access to the membership area of our website where you can access an extension array of the latest – and historical – information on all allergies.
4. The facility for food companies to inform their customers about product changes by publishing information on our website. Discounted rate for ‘product alert’ mail-outs for food industry members.
5. Corporate members enjoy a special rate for education seminars and programmes, and these can be tailored specifically for your organisation.
6. Acknowledgement of your membership in our quarterly magazine, Allergy Today, and on our website.
7. Ability to communicate a special deal through our e-mail database, providing the product meets Allergy New Zealand’s criteria.
8. Access to information and contacts through Allergy New Zealand’s extensive national and international networks.
9. Member discount rate on all Allergy New Zealand resources, including special discount on bulk orders (for example, special rates on bulk orders of Allergy Today magazine).
10. Three copies of each issue of Allergy Today magazine.

Corporate membership is open to any commercial organisation.

While corporate members do not have voting rights (Allergy New Zealand is an incorporated society), your representative would be warmly welcomed at our Annual and any Special General Meetings.

Your support is helping people with severe allergies live an active and healthy lifestyle.

By becoming a corporate member, you are providing invaluable support to our work. Allergy New Zealand is a national charity that provides allergy sufferers with reliable information, education and support so they can manage their allergy and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

We provide support through evidence-based information through our website, leaflets, booklets and quarterly magazine, Allergy Today. We also run a national programme of workshops, seminars and support groups. We work closely with the food industry – including caterers – to ensure the safety of the allergic public. In addition, we have a free helpline to all those who need help to live with severe allergy.

We have a successful training programme for public health nurses, schools and early childhood and parents so children and students can learn in a safe environment. The focus is on practical measures on recognising severe allergic reactions, treating them and minimising risk.

Your membership enables us to carry out these valuable programmes.

How you can get involved

Allergy New Zealand receives no government funding for its work and relies on membership, sponsorship and grants. If your company is able to sponsor specific areas of our work, we would be delighted to talk with you.

There are other ways you can help us. If your staff members want to fundraise for a charity, and want ideas, please contact us and we can send you a fundraising pack or help you with ideas and events.

Your support will be acknowledged
The support of companies such as yours is invaluable, and we would like to list your name in our magazine and on our website to demonstrate the credibility and professionalism of our membership.
Corporate membership (per annum)

• $275 for small companies
• $825 for medium-sized companies
• $1100 for large companies

For any queries you may have, contact Mark Dixon on or on 09 623 3912

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