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Education Kits - non member price (out of stock)
NZ $200.00

Education Kits - non member price (out of stock)

  • Kid's Food Allergies for Dummies book. This book arms parents, school staff, childcare workers, babysitters and other family caregivers with the knowledge they need to keep food-allergic kids safe - or even save a life.
  • The No Biggie Bunch: Everyday Cool with Food Allergies is the perfect teaching tool for children with questions about their food allergies.
  • Thai's Exciting First Week At School Dealing with Food Allergies. Thai's positive attitude shows other children how food allergies don't have to stop you from joining in.
  • Allergy and Anaphylaxis Guide: New 2011 edition – Guidelines for NZ schools & preschools who have children with severe allergies enrolled, including; Definitions and background, recognizing and managing reactions; risk reduction; anaphylaxis action plan & food allergen information.
  • Medikidz Explain Food Allergy The 'Medikidz' are a gang of 5 larger-than-life superheroes from outer space, which are each specialists in different parts of the body. The characters are designed to be fun and appealing to young people in order to be able to entertain, as well as educate them about serious medical issues.
  • Preparing for Camp and Overnight School Trips with Food Allergies - packed with concise and easy-to-read information on how to prepare for your child with food allergy to enjoy a safer, fun-filled camp experience.
  • Letting Go: Teaching An Allergic Child Responsibility is a parents' guide to teaching their children how to live with allergies.
  • EpiPen Trainer –  with DVD guide
  • Allergy information pamphlets and posters

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Education Kits - member price (out of stock)

Education Kits - member price (out of stock)

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