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no biggie bunch: sports-tastic birthday party book - member's price
NZ $28.00

no biggie bunch: sports-tastic birthday party book - member's price

It’s Scotty’s birthday and you’re invited to the soccer field for cake, candles and kicks. The kids with food allergies discover that calling ahead and being prepared with a safe snack and a ready response allow everyone to participate and have fun. Join The No Biggie Bunch as they learn that while food allergies are no laughing matter, there’s always something to smile about when friends are around. They’re such good sports!

Who is The No Biggie Bunch?

The No Biggie Bunch is a diverse group of kids who handle the social challenges of food allergies with poise and panache.

The No Biggie Bunch is diverse in their food allergies, ethnicities and interests – all the things that make kids special. With such a varied group, the No Biggie Bunch hopes to connect with most every boy and girl, creating resonance with the No Biggie message. After all, kids with food allergies are still kids by definition – kids with equal need to stay safe and have fun.

The No Biggie Bunch stands for: Preparedness – Safety – Fun – Optimism – and a Great Attitude! The No Biggie Bunch adventures provide creative solutions and responses for school, play dates, holidays, birthday parties and more.

The No Biggie Bunch was created by authors Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama.

What is “No Biggie”?

No Biggie is both a catch phrase kids can employ and an attitude kids, parents, teachers and playmates can adopt with fun and ease. “No Biggie” is a positive tool to add to a child’s food allergy toolbox of support. When kids and adults are on the same page and prepared (both with safe snacks and a ready response), the social challenges of food allergies really can be “No biggie!”

No Biggie works like this: In response to an uneasy parent serving ice cream cake at a birthday party, a child with a milk allergy can respond, “No biggie, I brought my own treat!” Because he follows the No Biggie Bunch code of preparedness, he’s ready to enjoy the party – allergen-free!

A child with a peanut allergy spies a sparkly box of cookies at the grocery store and hands it to her mum. Mum reads the label and matter-of-factly says, “These cookies aren’t safe for you. No biggie, we’ll find something better!” With that quick response and upbeat attitude, mum and daughter share the same language and the same hope that an even tastier treat awaits.

Does The No Biggie Bunch and their creators really think kids’ food allergies are not a big deal?

On the contrary – kids’ food allergies are very dangerous and life threatening. Heather and Kerry get that. They live that. Emergency medicine and allergy action plans are always at arm’s reach. Safety has always been their first priority.

That said, Heather and Kerry don’t believe kids with food allergies should have to be sad, nervous or afraid in social settings because they have food allergies. A child’s food allergies do not have to compound the normal anxiety kids experience in social situations.

In their personal experience, Heather and Kerry have found preparedness and a ready response empowers kids and caregivers alike to feel safe, strong, and supported in any snack, meal or celebration situation.

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