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Allergy Today issue 153 (Winter 2015)
NZ $6.90

Allergy Today issue 153 (Winter 2015)

First Steps: Dr Graeme van der Meer, of Starship Children’s Hospital, offers his advice on treating allergic rhinitis in children.

What's in a label: How new legislation will affect you Allergy New Zealand’s allergy advisor Penny Jorgensen explains how the new Food Act will affect people with food allergies.

Spilly Babies: Is it normal, reflux or an allergy? Paediatrician and allergy specialist Dr Robert Winkler busts myths about spilling and reflux in babies and gives advice on when to seek help from a specialist.

2 Editorial
3 Your letters
15 Things we love

4 A word from Allergy NZ’s CEO
7 Malaghan Institute A study on peanut allergy may change decades-long health advice
12 Ask the experts Advice on low-irritant laundry detergents
16 Pharmacy corner How to prevent eczema in children
18 The Asthma Foundation How to stay well over winter

30 Raylene Cowie shares how perseverance has paid off with her son’s eczema
34 Paulette Crowley describes how living with a cat (and a cat allergy) can be possible

36 Taming tummy troubles Dietitian Anna Richards offers advice on coping with IBS
42 The Healthy Food Guide team shares its latest cookbook
45 Café review

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