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Allergy Today issue 152 (Autumn 2015)
NZ $6.90

Allergy Today issue 152 (Autumn 2015)

Glossary of allergy term click here
10 First Steps:  Advice from the Paediatric Society of New Zealand on introducing foods to babies at risk of allergy.

22 Assessing Anaphylaxis: a guide for GPs
Dr James Chisnall, a GP with a special interest in allergies, shares his tips for GPs on how to assess patients with suspected anaphylaxis.
26 House dust mites: How to create a healthy home
Leading allergy expert Dr Vincent St Aubyn Crump explains what dust mites are, gives tips on managing the allergy, and describes why dust mites are such a problem in New Zealand.
2     Editorial
3     Your letters
6     Things we love
4     A word from Allergy NZ’s CEO
12   Ask the experts Tackling severe eczema in teenagers
14   Malaghan Institute New research from Britain on peanut allergies
16   Pharmacy corner How to boost your immunity with health supplements
20  The Asthma Foundation Healthy homes and asthma
32   Nicky Mackenzie shares her daughter’s journey with severe food allergies
34   Christina Stewart explains how going gluten-free has kept her healthy
36   Food writer Eleanor Ozich 
shares her clean-eating recipes
44   Snack foods tour Allergy mum Rebecca Oliver visits two allergy-friendly snack food factories
48   Café review

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