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Allergy Today issue 151 (Summer 2014/15)
NZ $6.90

Allergy Today issue 151 (Summer 2014/15)

12 First Steps: A guide to starting your eczema journey 

What to do when your child is diagnosed with eczema.

20 Immunotherapy:  Why you should get started
Internationally experienced allergist and immunologist Dr Robert Winkler explains why this treatment can halt the ‘atopic march’ and why it is better to start the therapy sooner rather than later.

26 Getting ready for school: A guide for preparing a child with food allergies, anaphylaxis or eczema
A school environment and schedule can be a challenge for children learning to manage their allergies, but these expert tips will help them succeed.

2     Editorial
3     Your letters
7     Things we love
48   10 things we learnt while creating this issue of Allergy Today
4     A word from Allergy NZ’s CEO
8     Ask the experts Oral allergy syndrome and managing eczema
10   Healthy holidays How to manage your allergies while on holiday
14   Pharmacy corner Supercharge your sinus treatment
18   The Asthma Foundation Obesity and asthma

33   Sandra Mehta inspires with her triumph over multiple food allergies
36   Revive Café’s Jeremy Dixon showcases safe summer salads
40   ‘Free-from’ baking Nutritionist Sandra Mehta shares her love of baking with these sweet treats
45   Café review Allergy sufferer Anna Schmidt reviews Torpedo Café for allergy-friendly food and service

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