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Allergy Today Advice Article: Why is Membership Free?

As the national voice for our allergy community, Allergy New Zealand must demonstrate that they have the collective support of that community.

The focus for all our work as an organisation is to positively improve the quality of life for people and families living with allergies. girls-cooking-in-the-kitchen-picture-id985577170-771

Our Board has agreed that for the next five years we will achieve that in three ways:

1. Best practice medical advice, prevention, management and treatment services are accessible to all people living in New Zealand with allergies

2. Best practice advice for self-management of allergies is accessible to all people living in New Zealand with allergies

3. Environments where people with allergies can participate equally in all aspects of life in New Zealand

We do this by supporting allergy sufferers in our communities through online, phone and face-to-face local support with our national volunteer network.

We maintain close and credible relationships with our local clinical networks and individual clinicians and we actively engage with our internationally affiliated allergy charities globally and our aligned health charities locally.

We constantly advocate for change to national government and regulatory bodies.

To maintain credibility with the people we serve, and the professional people and organisations who support Allergy New Zealand, we have built an evidence-based body of knowledge that is referenced by medical professionals, agencies and regulatory bodies from around Australasia.

We are recognised as a leader in allergy management education and the best repository of evidence-based allergy information in New Zealand.

However to be an effective advocate we need your voice behind us. And to prove that you support what we are trying to do, we need you to register your support with us. You can do this by emailing ‘membership request’ here. We will send you the membership information including a copy of the Allergy New Zealand Constitution.

So please join us and support our efforts to:

  • support allergy sufferers and advocate on their behalf
  • increase public allergy awareness
  • deliver allergy education in communities, schools and work places
  • get our Government to fund adrenaline auto-injectors for all who need them
  • increase capacity in our communities and hospitals for allergy clinical and support services
  • improve allergy labelling regulations and allergy-friendly food manufacturing practices in NZ and at our borders
  • promote research into better treatment and management, and even a cure for allergies, as well as prevention of them.

We hear, read and see your positive feedback about what we do. Now we need to show evidence of that alignment to deliver change for our allergy families and individuals.

We thank all our current members for their continued support and urge you to share this call for new members with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Mark Dixon, CEO Allergy NZ