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Allergy Today: The Insides Guide to Dairy Allergy

Reading – and understanding – food packaging labels is one of the first things parents who are caring for children with food allergies will learn.

This is often a trial and error process, and unfortunately, errors can sometimes result in serious consequences. Information about what to look for on labels can also vary depending on who you ask, and it can be daunting if you are the one who also has to teach others - especially if your child’s safety depends on it.

Elly McKenzie, from Tauranga, understands this only too well, having coeliac disease herself, and children with food sensitivities. She is also a food scientist and has had experience writing food labels. Elly has now combined her personal and professional expertise to provide simple, effective, and expert tips to help people live a positive, gluten or dairy-free lifestyle.

This includes running the website The Insides Guide, a consultation service, and two online courses on reading labels (‘Is it dairy free?’ and ‘Is it gluten free’).

Insides Guide screenshot-381-667

Allergy New Zealand has reviewed the online courses and think they would be of use to many people starting out with food allergy, and/or struggling to understand how allergen labelling works.

The normal charge per course is $20, however Elly has offered these free to Allergy Today readers and Allergy NZ members until 30 July 2021.

After this date, Allergy New Zealand members will get a 50% discount off each online course.

The website link for the course is and to get the ‘freebie’ or discount, use these coupon codes at checkout:

  1. For the 100% discount: afreebieforme (until 30 July)
  2. For the 50% discount: justforme50%

We’d love to hear your feedback if you complete one or both courses. Email to let us (and Elly) know your thoughts.

16 July 2021
Allergy Today