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Allergy Today: Masks Help with Pollen Allergy

Be Kind ...

The idea of wearing a face mask to help prevent exposure to airborne allergens and pollutants has been around a long time. However, the ‘normality’ of wearing a face mask has only developed in New Zealand in recent times, due to COVID-19.

“It is likely people with pollen allergy will get some benefit from wearing a mask outside, particularly at this time of the year (Spring) when it’s windy,” says Allergy New Zealand CEO, Mark Dixon.Kids in colour-767

Overseas, there are rating systems for masks, however this is not available in New Zealand. The manufacturers of Kind Face™ masks in Auckland have had them tested for efficiency, and found them capable of filtering 87.5% of breathable 1 micron size particles and 100% of breathable 5 micron size particles and larger. Most pollen grains are within this range.

Grass pollen in particular is a big ‘allergy’ problem in New Zealand. Grass pollen levels tend to be highest in the early morning, and in warm, dry and windy weather. Those with an allergy to grass pollen are recommended not to go outdoors during these times, but if they have to, a mask might help reduce their exposure. They should also keep up with their medications.

“We’re grateful for the support from Kind Face™ in making a donation for every mask sold,” Mark says. “Their donation – and the thought behind it – helps us in our work to make a difference for people with allergies.”

Kind Face™ is offering a 10% discount on its linen face masks and other products, to supporters of Allergy New Zealand. Each time an item is bought using the discount code (below), they will make a donation to Allergy New Zealand.

Go to to view, and enter coupon code: "AllergyNZ10", in the ‘cart’ page to apply the discount.


Allergy Today, 30 October 2020