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Allergy Today: From Mark's Desk - March Madness

Welcome to Allergy Today. We invite you to share this free e-newsletter with anyone interested in allergies.

It has been an extraordinary couple of months for all of us and our world appears to be changing every couple of days. Let’s hope we are being bold enough to stay ahead of the threat.sloth-x-bear-7rgD1sR6qBQ-unsplash-834-499

Our health sector is under enormous pressure and our health professionals are doing a fantastic job of adapting to rapidly changing, and evolving, evidence and protocols. Allergy NZ is aware of the extraordinary efforts and skills being applied behind the scenes to ensure the public’s local safety and navigate our way through this global event.

We are respectful and grateful for their professionalism.


As at the time of publishing this issue more than 2000 New Zealand families have benefited from our free EpiPen® initiative funded by a donation from Pub Charity. Our initial launch provided early access to the opportunity for families of vulnerable children. More than 500 families benefited. In mid-February we widened the eligibility criteria to all allergy patients at risk of anaphylaxis. The pens have flown out the door since!

The speed at which we have managed to deliver and exhaust this programme, has exceeded even our most ambitious estimates.

The opportunity now is to share the impact of FundaPen with Government. Did you receive a free EpiPen®? Did you miss out?

We would love to hear from all of you - those who received a free EpiPen® and perhaps more importantly those who didn’t. Email to let us know how FundaPen impacted you.

We want to share your messages with others, including Parliament. This emergency device must be recognised as a lifesaver, and as such it must be publicly funded. It Saves Lives! All Australians at risk of anaphylaxis are given two EpiPen® auto-injectors each year by their Government.

With the critical support of Pub Charity, Allergy NZ’s FundaPen programme will deliver 2500 lifesavers to allergy sufferers through established distribution channels, complying with all regulations and ethical guidelines.

FundaPen has proven the framework for distribution is already established. Allergy NZ has provided allergy and anaphylaxis education and awareness to support that framework for more than 35 years. It has not cost New Zealand’s Government a cent.

Yes, Minister – please continue to be bold. It is time to ‘Fund A Pen’ for every affected New Zealander.

Mark Dixon, CEO Allergy NZ