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Allergy Today: Patient Voice Aotearoa – Lie Down for Life

It’s Allergy Awareness Week and we need your active support!

We’ve been following the relentless work of Malcolm Mulholland and his team at Patient Voice Aotearoa (PVA) for the last couple of years. Patient Voice Aotearoa (PVA) is a national organisation of resilient volunteers led by Malcolm Mulholland which has the support of a number of New Zealand’s patient representative organisations.
Two years ago, Malcolm identified that doubling the Pharmac Medicines Budget would remove a backlog of more than 200 urgently-required medicines (including Epipens) from their wait list.iStock-875917042-364
He approached Allergy New Zealand, and as a potential beneficiary of any large increase in the Pharmac budget, we gave our support to his call for a doubling of the Pharmac Medicines Budget.

Two years on, PVA’s online petition has reached 100,000 signatures and will be presented to Parliament on 12 May, 2021 – right in the middle of this year’s Allergy Awareness Week and one week before the Government Budget is released.

  • You can still sign it online at – Let’s help them get well in excess of the 100,000 supporter mark!

To encourage maximum coverage, PVA and their supporters are calling for a mass ‘Lie Down For Life’ in Wellington and the regions, in support of the petition (particularly appropriate action for those at risk of anaphylaxis).
In order to make the greatest impact, PVA has also organised a nationwide action enabling people to participate at a regional level. So, on the same date and at the same time, at various locations throughout the country, people are being encouraged to congregate and to participate in a “Lie Down for Life”.

The details of those locations and further details can be found at:
Our Allergy New Zealand head office team will be attending the Auckland event in support of the petition which we have all signed online. If you’re in Wellington on 12 May, we would love you to participate in the delivery of the petition to Parliament on that date, as supporters of Allergy New Zealand and PVA. The more people who can attend, the more likely we will achieve media coverage.

Allergy Today Actions
I have two requests for each of you:

1. Please distribute the website amongst your networks (email trees, websites, workplaces, schools and social media platforms) and encourage people to attend or support the ‘Lie Down For Life’ in your region;

2. Please promote and encourage people to sign and share the petition with those same networks.

Thank you,
Mark Dixon 
Allergy New Zealand

Allergy Today, May 2021