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Allergy Today: Resources for Healthy School Lunches Programme, Ka Ora, Ka Ako

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has published a series of resources for schools and kura taking part in Ka Ora, Ka Ako, the healthy school lunches programme.iStock-1257095498-343

Allergy New Zealand worked closely with the MoE to develop ‘Practical guidance on managing students with food allergies’ that can be used with the programme’s high and complex needs information sheet, and a specialised diets questionnaire.

The Ministry of Education states that some students may require a special meal for medical reasons, such as an allergy or food intolerance, or because some foods must be avoided or prepared in a particular way for ethical or religious reasons.

They say it is important that these students are included alongside their peers in Ka Ora, Ka Ako.

To support schools and kura to keep students with high and complex dietary needs safe, they have also developed a factsheet and questionnaire.

To view all these resources and more, visit:

Allergy Today, March 2022