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Allergy Today: International survey for people living with a food allergy

Do you live with a food allergy? Take part in an international survey!

We would love for you to take part in our international survey on Psychological Service Needs for Food Allergy. It is being headed by Dr Rebecca Knibb at Aston University, in collaboration Dr Chrissie Jones, Dr Helen Brough, Dr Linda Herbert, Mary Jane Marchisotto, Centres in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada, and the Patient Organisation’s Committee* for allergy. glenn-carstens-peters-npxXWgQ33ZQ-unsplash (1)-547

It involves completing a questionnaire about how food allergy has affected you or your child, and your access to psychological services. To take part in the study, please use the following links:

Adults with a food allergy, click here:

For a parent of child aged 0-17 with a food allergy, click here:

A young person with a food allergy aged 12-17, click here:

*Allergy New Zealand is a member of the EAACI Patients' Organisations.

Allergy Today, 25 February 2021