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Allergy Today From Mark's Desk

Welcome to Allergy Today e-newsletter

Allergy New Zealand CEO Mark Dixon welcomes readers to the new-look Allergy Today and invites you to share this free e-newsletter with anyone interested in managing allergies.

Mark headshot-733Welcome to your brand-new Allergy Today e-newsletter. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our latest effort to get relevant evidence-based and credible information on allergies from New Zealand and around the world to the people who really need it – you, our Allergy Today e-newsletter readers.

For more than 35 years Allergy Today was a hard-copy print magazine that kept you up to date with what Allergy New Zealand was working towards on behalf of our rapidly growing allergy community.

We are proud of every issue we published, and we know that you enjoyed reading them. However, it’s no longer the most effective way to get information to the huge number of New Zealanders now affected by allergies.

Free access to latest allergy information

The most effective way is to ensure your access to the latest allergy information is free and easy.

So, we have taken a leap into the digital world so that you can now enjoy keeping up with Allergy NZ-hosted information wherever you are. In this new digital format you can still read Allergy Today at your leisure, but you’ll be able to receive it on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, watch, etc.

We’ve injected the most popular elements of the magazine into this Allergy Today e-newsletter. Initially there will be a small set of articles – a general interest article, an article by an allergy expert or a research update, and a regular allergy-management advice article from our in-house allergy expert Penny Jorgensen.

And each issue will finish with a flourish with one of Alana Scott’s scrumptious allergy-friendly recipes from for you to try.

We’ll keep you informed with late-breaking News Bites, and our commercial partners will be here as well ensuring this information is getting to the right people and that it can be free.

Spread the word

We’ll need your support. To get this information to as many allergy-impacted people as possible, please forward this e-newsletter to your friends and family and ask them very nicely to subscribe.

AT forward email 

We hope that the more people who read this information, the more enlightened they will be about allergies and the best ways they can help the children, adults and families who live with these conditions on a daily basis.

Anyone who signs up for the Allergy Today e-newsletter will go into the draw to win a huge ecostore prize pack.
To be in the draw you must sign-up by 16 November 2018.

We hope you enjoy this first issue. Please let us know what you’d like us to write about by emailing us at Thanks for all your help and support.

Mark Dixon is the CEO of Allergy New Zealand

October 2018