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Allergy Today: Feeding programme delivers positive results

Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™ available now
The cat allergen reducing product Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™ launched earlier this year is available in all pet specialty stores and online at Animates, PetStock,, and PetDirect.Purina-604
Jill Sanderson, a Blenheim-based cat owner, joined the Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™ feeding programme in early January 2021, when Kiwis impacted by cat allergens were invited to sign up for a free trial period to test the product.

Jill has been feeding her six cats the allergen-reducing product. Both Jill and her husband suffer from sensitivity to cat allergens and noticed a significant difference in just over three weeks of using the food. Jill lives on a lifestyle block with her husband, son, five dogs, six cats, seven sheep, one rooster and 10 chickens.

When asked how Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™ has affected the life of Jill and her husband, she said; “Using Pro Plan® LiveClear™ is ultimately better for the cats. We’re able to brush them now, which used to be really unpleasant to do because of our allergies. We’ve always had a good relationship with the cats but it’s great now we don’t have to push them away when they want some affection."


Allergy Today, May 2021