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Allergy Today From Mark's Desk

Christmas message, and changing lives in 2019

As we head into the festive season this year and the beginning of a New Year, we are more determined than ever to create a better understanding of allergies in our communities. To do this, we need your help to change lives.

Chair-634Suzanne McQueen is the Chair of Allergy New Zealand. Suzanne’s first introduction to allergies was her baby’s anaphylactic reaction to milk. After that experience she recognised the importance of access to good allergy information and advice for her family, so in 2013 joined the Allergy New Zealand Board.

Suzanne wanted to share the following message with you:

The best Christmas gift for New Zealand’s allergy community for the coming year is to ignite conversations around allergies at work and at play.

Allergy NZ’s aim is to raise awareness of allergic disease and increase the quality of life for all people living with allergies. The wider New Zealand community needs to understand the growth and severity of allergic disease in this country and how it impacts on people who live with it every day.

To achieve these goals, we need your support. Your contribution does not need to be financial – we appreciate any and all acts of kindness, whether that be through:

  • sharing our resources with your friends, families, local school or community group
  • donating your time to raising awareness in your school/community/workplace
  • sharing the name of an influential contact or supportive business (with permission of course!).

We appreciate all support, so please get in touch at

Our main focus for the first half of 2019 will be on the lead-up to Allergy Awareness Week, Sunday 12 May to Saturday 18 May.

Schools from across the country will be invited to participate in activities aimed at educating our community and igniting allergy conversations. We will have resources for different age levels (activity suggestions, quizzes, videos and worksheets) available on our website for teachers to use.

Use this template letter to contact your school now and encourage them to include Allergy Awareness Week in their 2019 school planning.

We’d also like to engage with our business community. If your business, or someone you know, is interested in supporting Allergy Awareness Week and/or Allergy NZ, please contact us at

Make sure you are subscribed to our Allergy NZ e-newsletter, as we will send out more details in the New Year about Allergy Awareness Week activities and ways you can be involved.

Your support is essential in helping to create a meaningful conversation about allergies throughout New Zealand. Thanks for working with us to make our communities safer and stronger.

Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Suzanne McQueen, Allergy NZ Board Chair

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Our thanks to all of you who have supported us by spreading awareness of allergies wherever you have worked and played this year. We have another huge year planned for 2019 and are looking forward to sharing it with you.

Remember that everyone who is signed up for the Allergy Today e-newsletter will go into the draw to win a superb ecostore prize pack. To be in the draw you must sign-up by 18 January 2019.

Please let us know what you’d like to read about by emailing us at

Merry Xmas!


Mark Dixon is the CEO of Allergy New Zealand

December 2018