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Allergy Season 2014

Allergy Season logo FINALThis Spring we will be celebrating The Allergy Season. This is a new campaign to promote awareness of the increasing burden of allergies, which is the most common chronic health condition affecting New Zealanders.

The Allergy Season will run from the 1st September to the 1st of December and consist of three different topics.

September: Allergic rhinitis (hayfever)
October: Eczema
November/December: Holidaying with allergies

We are also encouraging our members and others to hold Inside-Out Picnics in their communities. The Inside-Out Picnics are based on the idea that when people are affected by allergies their lives are turned inside out, so we are asking people to have fun with this concept.  (Read more below)

For more information read the September media release below.
Media release Allergy Season
Media Release - Holidaying with allergies
Media release Allergy SeasonMedia Release - Eczema Media release Allergy Season
Media Release - Hayfever
Media enquiries
Media Enquiries
Karina Yanez
021 0842 2680

Get involved

There are many things you can do to get involved in raising awareness of the three themes chosen for this Allergy Season including:
1. Hold a talk at your school.
2. Make the Inside Out Picnic or Allergy Season logo your profile picture on personal social media sites.
3. Raise awareness by using our hashtag: #allergyseason when talking about allergies etc.
4. Hold an Inside Out Picnic!

What is an Inside Out Picnic?

Because we understand how allergies like hayfever can turn our lives inside out each Spring, we are encouraging people to hold inside out, upside down, back to front picnics.

Host it INDOORS, put the posters upside down, or perhaps leave the balloons all over the floor instead of hanging them up. It is your chance to have fun and let loose!

Some other simple, fun ideas with the kids in mind: 
• Everyone wears their clothes inside-out, or back-to-front or both. 
• Running backwards races, musical chairs in silence – when the music starts playing – grab a seat or cushion, etc 
• Favourite pyjamas encouraged. 
• Sweet food first, savoury food second, snacks last. 
• Etc, etc 

Digital Picnic Pack
media release Inside out
Inside Out Picnic Media Release
a3 poster inside outA3 Inside Out Picnic Poster A4 posterA4 Personalised Poster Word Search webActivity: Word Search
Allergy match
Activity: Allergy Match

Early Childhood Centres OR Libraries

We have Picnic Packs available filled with goodies for you to hold an Inside Out Picnic throughout Allergy Season. If you would like one sent to you, please email your information to Penny on or give us a call on 09 623 3912.