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Health Sector

Information and links for Health Professionals

This webpage is designed to provide up-to-date information and links to resources including education and post-graduate training which may assist or enhance the clinical management of allergies in patients by their health professionals (doctors, nurses and dietitians).   

Information and resources from Allergy New Zealand

These have been developed with the support of the healthcare professionals on our Medical Panel (many of them Allergy and Clinical Immunology specialists).
health professional memebership
Health professional membership
diagnosing allergies
Diagnosing allergies
infant formula
Infant formula algorithm
Training and education
commerce commission NZ
Advice to Alternative Practitioners re allergy claims
ACC-unit claims for allergies
ACC claims for anaphylaxis
allergytoday magazines
Allergy Today
allergy guidelines
Allergy and anaphylaxis guidelines
commerce commission NZ
National Clinical Network for the Treatment of Eczema in Children and Youth
commerce commission NZ
Infantfeeding and allergy prevention guidelines

Statement re Commerce Commission advice by Allergy NZ/Clinical Immunology and Allergy Group here.

Other information and resources available from here:

Child Disability Allowance:

This is a non-taxable allowance paid to the principal carer of a dependent child (under age 18 years) with a serious disability. It recognises the extra care and attention provided. A child who has severe asthma and/or eczema as a result of or triggered by their allergies, and who needs constant care as a result, may qualify.
‘Child Disability Allowance: Guide for Medical Practitioners’ is available from Work and Income.