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ACC claims for anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening immune response to an allergen, and is recognised as an injury by ACC.
ACC will not cover allergic reactions that are of a mild to moderate nature, such as (but not limited to) itching, rashes, sneezing and hay fever and all underlying allergic conditions.

ACC will provide cover for anaphylactic reactions happening in community settings or workplaces, as well as if they are the result of treatment e.g. an adverse reaction to a drug.
Generally ACC will cover the costs of emergency treatment including ambulance call-out and emergency medical care.
If the patient has a known risk of anaphylaxis and has used their adrenaline auto-injector to treat an anaphylactic reaction, ACC may reimburse the cost of the auto-injector used. The patient needs a copy of the receipt (from purchase) in order to do this, and will also need to make sure that medical records relating to the ACC claim show that the auto-injector was used.
Other entitlements may apply, including referral to an allergy specialist, for example, if exposure to the allergen causing the anaphylaxis is work-related e.g. bee sting anaphylaxis in someone working in the horticultural industry.