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Training and education

For GPs and Paediatricianstraining for GPs and practitioners

Graduate Certificate in Allergic Diseases is available for medical practitioners. The Graduate Certificate, through the University of Western Sydney, is designed for medical practitioners who want to improve their care of patients with allergic diseases.

Students, who must be registered medical practitioners, will complete an online scientific program and attend a regional specialist Immunology Clinic, over a total period of two years, on a part-time basis.

New Zealand medical practitioners are eligible to enrol and several are currently undertaking the programme.

Further information is available through the University of Western Sydney website here OR contact:
Miriam Codarini, FRACP, Senior Lecturer on or 612 4620 3733 (Mon and Wed).

Online Toolkit for Medical Practitioners on Diagnosing Food Allergy in Children in Primary Care

This toolkit looks at diagnosing and managing IgE-mediated FA’s in children. Additionally, anaphylaxis, asthma and eczema are overviewed as stand- alone topics.
The content has been developed by Dr Jan Sinclair, Dr Kylie Morse, and Dr Yaw Moh on behalf of the Goodfellow Unit with input from Allergy New Zealand, Dr Shannon Brothers and Dr Rohan Ameratunga.
The toolkit has been created by the Goodfellow Unit at The University of Auckland. This was funded in part by the Auckland Faculty Board of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Auckland/Northland GPs can do the course for FREE and can contact the Goodfellow Unit at
University of Auckland logo Goodfellow learning

For Nurses

The University of South Australia offers a course in collaboration with the Australasiannurse- allergies Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA). The course provides an understanding of the role of the allergy nurse, the allergic process and allergic disease and the varying manifestations in both children and adults. Emphasis is on providing opportunities for nurses to become effective and critical consumers of research information available in the field of allergy. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Certificate and may be eligible for credit in other tertiary programs. A supervised clinical practice component enables students to integrate theory and practice.

NZ registered nurses are eligible to do this course and supervision for the clinical component can be arranged in New Zealand. For more information re the course, click here
The New Zealand Clinical Immunology and Allergy Group – Nurses Division has made practice recommendations, available here. For more information, contact Simone Stephens, Representative of NZCIAG – Nurses Division on

ASCIA’s on-line modules

ASCIA has developed a range of free online training modules for health professionals, on:
- Anaphylaxis
- Food allergy
pharm etraining2013
- Allergic rhinitisallergicrhinitisetraining2013 - Immunotherapyimmunotherapyetraining2013