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I have heard the child disability allowance is available through WINZ. What is this?

We have has a lot of queries about how to access financial support. A study was conducted into the Child Disability Allowance for Allergy New Zealand in 2010 by Steela Li and Yung-Lan Yang, BHSc students at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland. From this we have developed the following information:

If your child is assessed as being at risk of anaphylaxis in relation to food allergies you may be eligible for a Child Disability Allowance from WINZ.

This is not means or asset-tested and is paid solely in relation to the significantly more care and supervision your child needs for their health and safety. It is not for the costs associated e.g. medicines. The application has to be filled in and signed by a doctor (GP or specialist). The allowance is about $44 per week paid to the principal carer. In some cases WINZ may require the allowance to be reviewed annually.

We also understand that if you are a beneficiary or on a low income you may be able to apply for a Disability Allowance to cover the costs associated with your or your child's medical condition (e.g. food allergy and/or anaphylaxis). This can include medicines, doctors fees, mileage for going to the doctor, and even dust mite covers if prescribed by the doctor.

You will need to get a printout from the pharmacy and doctor and the doctor will have to fill in the form including the items the allowance should cover. WINZ assess the annual cost then divide by 52 to arrive at a weekly allowance. The allowance is reviewed annually.