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Food Allergies - undeclared allergens

If you suspect that there is an undeclared allergen in a food, contact MPI Food Safety on 0800 00 83 33, or by email:

For more details go to MPI Food Safety here

Information on potential food allergens that must be declared on food labels or made available to you if you ask for it. See the Food Smart website here

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Allergy New Zealand is a national charity that offers reliable information, education and support so you can manage your or your child's allergy, and live an active and healthy lifestyle. Start your Allergy Journey here

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Latest news

31 July 2020

FundaPen - a national success! 

Thanks to the $300,000 donation from Pub Charity last year, a total of 2875 free Epipens® have been distributed across New Zealand. The last Fundapen™ provided by this donation was distributed this week. We are incredibly grateful for this donation and the support it has provided to people with allergies at risk of anaphylaxis.  

Special thanks also goes to the thousands of General Practice teams, Clinicians, Health Professionals and who supported this unique opportunity.  

Moving forward, normal prescriber protocols will apply and patients will be required to pay for their own Epipens®. Unfortunately, we have no further funding available to continue this initiative. We invite PHARMAC, or other potential supporters, to work alongside Allergy New Zealand to help fund this life-saving medicine. For further information, contact 

25 May 2020

We have received a number of calls from members expressing their concerns regarding Epipens received recently with their blue caps partly dislodged.
Please refer to Mylan NZ advice provided below, that we posted 6 April 2020 (Click here). In addition we have received the following update from Mylan NZ in response to our questions this morning.

"A device with a gap equal to or less than 3mm is within acceptable range. As long as the device has been kept inside its hardcase and, no one has accidentally or intentionally removed or loosened the blue pin, the device is acceptable for use.
If the blue-pin is accidentally or intentionally removed, this will result in the device becoming 'active'; the device will eventually fire. Replacing the blue pin will not stop the device from activating. The device cannot be reused once activated.
For this reason, EpiPen devices should not be removed from the hardcase, unless it is required in an emergency situation. EpiPen devices should be kept inside their hardcases until immediately before administration. Do not let anyone play with the device or, handle the product outside of its hardcase; this will help prevent blue safe pins from accidentally being loosened/ dislodged.
Please also note that a small gap (≤ 3mm) is not uncommon."

If you have any concerns at all regarding your Epipen, please call Mylan NZ on 0800 168 169.

April 2020

Coronavirus Allergy Resources

We have compiled a selection of web-links that provide credible advice and information for individuals and families living with allergies who are trying to manage the fresh challenges that coronavirus has created for them. Click Here

Please email any links you have found useful to

6 April 2020

Mylan NZ has recently updated their advice for correct handling and administration of EpiPen®. Please follow this link to the EpiClub website to download the advice notice at the top of the home page:

3 April 2020

Miteguard’s dust-mite bedding covers available

Allergy New Zealand is pleased that Miteguard’s dust-mite bedding covers have been approved by MBIE as essential non-food goods’, and that the processing of stock, orders and deliveries meets the guidelines for minimising any risk of spreading COVID-19. For more information and/or to place an online order, go here (scroll down the page to find the product order form).

We are not able to supply other items through our online shop at this time.

24 March 2020

An Important Message from Allergy New Zealand

Thank you for visiting the Allergy New Zealand website. If you have an emergency, please leave this site and phone 111.

Our Auckland office is closed until further notice.

Allergy New Zealand is now working remotely to reduce current health risks to our staff and volunteers, and there will be delays in clearing voice and email messages. Alternatively, you can email enquiries to Please also continue to check this website, our Facebook page and for updates.

24 February 2020: FundaPen™ Initiative Extended to All Kiwis in Need of Life-Saving EpiPen® Auto-injectors

The FundaPen™ campaign, which last year saw hundreds of free EpiPens® given to children in need, has been extended for a limited time to any New Zealander at risk of anaphylaxis.

While funded stocks last, Allergy New Zealand and Pub Charity are offering the auto-injector pens to anyone who is doctor-diagnosed as being at risk of anaphylaxis. EpiPen® (adrenaline autoinjector pens), which last only 12 – 18 months, are not funded by Pharmac and can cost anywhere between $120 and $350 each.

To receive a free EpiPen®, people who have been diagnosed as at risk of anaphylaxis, should talk to their General Practitioner, who will be able to order it through Allergy Pharmacy. The pens will be allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’ until the remaining funding runs out. Allergy NZ does not receive any financial benefit from the FundaPen™ initiative.

PHOs have been providing General Practices with information about FundaPen™. Pegasus Health General Practices can find the information on Health Pathways.

Pub Charity last year donated $300,000 to increase the availability of EpiPen auto-injectors for allergy sufferers who are doctor-diagnosed as at risk of anaphylaxis such as to food, or bee or wasp venom. Allergy NZ will continue to seek funding to sustain the FundaPen™ initiative as long as possible.

Allergy NZ Chief Executive Mark Dixon says the organisation is very grateful to Pub Charity for making this initiative possible. “Together we wanted to raise awareness of this issue and ensure as many eligible people as possible benefited from FundaPen™,” he says.

The collaboration with Pub Charity, followed eight attempts in the last 15 years to have EpiPen® auto-injectors publicly funded through PHARMAC. “We continue to hope that EpiPens® will eventually become publicly funded as they are in Australia,” Mark says. “We have been doing all we can, and while FundaPen™ is by no means the ideal way, we hope the initiative will help many New Zealanders in the short term.”

Once all the fully-funded FREE EpiPen® auto-injector pens have been dispensed from Allergy Pharmacy, regular prescribing protocols, distribution and fees will apply.


  • FREE EpiPen® auto-injectors will be available through the FundaPen™ initiative on an unrestricted basis to eligible patients from Monday 24 February, 2020.

  • An eligible patient needs to be doctor-diagnosed, at risk of anaphylaxis and needing an EpiPen® as per prescribing guidelines

  • 1 EpiPen® per eligible patient

  • The exclusive distributor is


  • Patients eligible for this offer, are doctor-diagnosed with an allergy that puts them at risk of anaphylaxis, and needing an EpiPen® as per prescribing guidelines.

  • Each recipient needs to receive training and education in the use of the EpiPen® and management of their allergy to avoid anaphylaxis.

  • Each EpiPen® prescribed under this initiative needs to be supplied at a fixed cost to Allergy New Zealand. That is, single point of distribution = single pharmacy = Allergy Pharmacy (online).

  • Only one FREE EpiPen® is available per eligible patient.

  • Allergy Pharmacy will dispense each EpiPen® back to the GP who prescribed it under the FundaPen™ programme, not directly to the patient. Your ‘local’ Pharmacy cannot fulfil the prescription.

Latest food recalls 

3 April 2020

New Zealand Food Safety is continuing to monitor food safety through the lockdown, including compliance with allergen management and labelling. Please check all labels when purchasing food, and also on medicines and natural health products. If you have any concerns about undeclared allergens, contact MPI Food Safety on 0800 00 83 33, or email:

For a full list of food recalls, go to:


The latest food recall for undeclared allergen: 

 26 February 2020: Undeclared peanuts:

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Pollen Calendar 

FREE Annual Pollen Calendar
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Nip Allergies in the Bub

See the latest advice on Allergy prevention from Australia's National Allergy Strategy here.

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2018 Food Allergen Labelling Guide

There are now 10 food allergens which must be declared on labels, and/or information provided on food for sale. Allergy New Zealand’s 2018 Food Allergen Labelling Guide is available here.

Guide to ACC Cover for Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis)

January 2018
The ACC guide, developed in consultation with Allergy New Zealand and Allergy specialists, is now available online here 
For more information on anaphylaxis, and advice on ACC claims, go here

Hospitality training video

27 July, 2016


Aimed at front-of-house staff, this video describes steps to take in serving a customer with food allergies.
Find more information here.


Anaphylaxis Campaign - #takethekit

Our friends at Anaphylaxis Campaign have recently released a hard-hitting short film to alert severely allergic young people to the importance of carrying their Adrenaline Auto-Injector (AAI), the first line of treatment for anaphylaxis. Watch the video here.


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